Nail Care

Nail/Gel Polish

Due to gel coating, you don’t need to worry about manicure/pedicure for a long time and do your daily business. High-quality materials for the coating guarantee the long-lasting result without chips and cracks. There is a wide range of colors for every taste in Nisa Beauty salon. Nail technicians provide a high-quality coating to perfectly finish the manicure/pedicure.


Nail strengthening with biogel is an irreplaceable procedure for women, who have fragile nails. If your nails constantly chip and you can’t grow beautiful, healthy and long nails, then the nail strengthening with biogel is exactly what you need. Due to its softness and pliability, biogel perfectly lies on top of the nail plate, strengthens it and protects it from the aggressive effect of a nail polish. Our specialists can make your nail longer with the biogel or do a correction of your natural nail, which is deformed for some reason.

Nail strengthening

Nail strengthening is an integral part of a nail care. It’s so hard to grow beautiful, healthy and long nails. Which is why nail technicians offer the nail strengthening before every coating. This makes the nails stronger and protected from the harmful impact of the color coating. Procedure is done with the special composition, which has a positive effect on the nail structure and appearance.

Nail extension and correction

There are nail extension and correction at Nisa Beauty salon. Nail technician shapes and constructs the nail plate for every taste with high-quality professional materials. This service is popular among brides, graduates and women before the important event, when there’s no time to grow their real nails, but it’s necessary to look gorgeous. You can get both first nail extension and further correction at Nisa Beauty salon.

Nail art

Nail technicians in Nisa Beauty have an exquisite taste and creative imagination, so they can do an art painting of any complexity. Beautiful painting on your nails can significantly change your image and style. Don’t be afraid to experiment, our nail artists will implement all of your wildest fantasies. In 2-3 weeks you can change your mind and choose a completely different design. That’s the beauty of art painting.