Massage in NiSa Beauty Club

Our Beauty Club offer various types of massage. There are several reasons what makes us different. Firstly, we have more than five years experience in beauty service.  Secondly, in order to offer you a professional massage service, we invited a certified and experienced massage therapist from Bali. Moreover, we offer twelve types of massage: Relaxing Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Slimming Massage, Reflexology Massage, Local Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Swedish Massage, Balinese Massage, Aromatherapy, Mirror Massage. Consequently, this makes us a unique destination to have the best massage experience in Baku

Home service

Above all, we offer a home service where our clients can order all our beauty salon services to any location in Baku. And the cost of massage in that case would not be changed, you would just need to pay  the cost for transportation. During our home visits, we deliver all the required equipments: massage table, towels and various massage oils. Below you could get more information about each massage service we offer, make your choice and book with us.

Types of Massage

Relaxing massage


Relaxing massage makes you take a break from your earthly problems. It also places you into the atmosphere of harmony and peace. Our massage therapist  possesses the necessary technique  that affect every fiber of your body. You’ll relax in our salon due to the nice vibe. This type of massage is particularly relevant to women that lead an active life. And also for women who suffer from fatigue at the end of the day. Relaxing massage will make you feel like you just woke up rested and energetic.

Deep tissue massage – one of the most effective massage techniques. Its power lies in massage therapist’s influence on deep tissues, where pinches and deformation of connective tissue are often formed. This massage type fundamentally differs from all other types because it has healing effect. Professional massage therapist is slowly and softly working with the problem areas of you to feel significant relief. At the end of the massage you feel recovery of the problem zones. Such massage technique is amazing for women with muscle tension.

Thai massage is a complex treatment that is accompanied by specific exercises, twist, press and stretch of all your body. This technique normalizes blood circulation and activates the energy flow in every woman’s body. Massage therapist will make you feel the harmony in all your body. Thai massage is a part of Eastern culture that came to us and earned the experienced specialists’ trust.

Shiatsu massage is used by our massage therapists as recreational and strengthening massage. Firstly, massage therapist will relax the tight muscles. Secondly, she’ll ease the pressure on the tense areas. And this would normalize the blood flow to all the problem areas. Japanese technique of Shiatsu massage is useful for women that lead a sedentary life. Moreover, it is beneficial for those who work at office and don’t move a lot. You’ll feel a significant relief and burst of energy after the first Shiatsu massage.

Slimming massage is a wonderful in fighting the overweight and cellulite. Thanks to the strong and yet gentle techniques, you’ll see the significant changes after only a few massages. Advantages of this massage type is a reduction of fat layer and normalization of metabolism in tissues. Would you like to have slim and healthy body? And maintain the good skin condition? Slimming massage and wrapping are exactly those procedures that you need.

Reflexology massage is a special technique of impact on certain body areas. Ancient eastern methodology was successfully used to cure various diseases for many centuries. Nowadays, it is available to everyone. Our massage therapist uses this technique professionally. In a result, the massage solves various problems affecting the relevant body areas. 

Local massage is aimed at health improvement and relaxation of a certain body part, where the muscles are the tensest or where you feel pain. So the massage therapist places the emphasis on a specific body area. This technique partially or completely gets rid of the problem that hinders your normal well-being. Local massage fits every woman  who feels the discomfort in certain body areas.

Hot stone massage is a unique technique of Chinese massage, which was used many centuries ago. Its healing properties can’t be underestimated. In fact, every fiber of your body relaxes and gets a positive energy for a long time. This happens due to the special stones, optimal heating temperature and precision impact. This massage type relaxes the muscles, removes the pain and positively influences on the overall health. We invite you to treat yourself with the amazing hot stone massage in Nisa Beauty Club.

Swedish massage is a system of consistent impact on the deep tissues and muscles. Eventually, that allows to remove the muscle tension and spasms. Massage therapist is carefully clapping, pressing, stretching and rubbing every zone. Swedish massage technique differs from the classic one.  In other words, this massage more precisely and strongly affects the problem areas. This procedure fully relaxes the pinched muscles from pain and discomfort.

Balinese Massage is a wonderful blend of stretches and relaxing massage techniques. 

Aromatherapy Massage is a type of  deep-tissue massage when  aroma oils are used. This gives a deep relaxation and is being used as a treatment for body tensions.

Mirror Massage is an amazing technique of massage. In this massage, two therapists are doing massage at the same time, using the techniques mirror wise. This massage is a type of massage for deep relaxation and reduction of muscle tension.