Machine Treatment


Biorevitalization is the extremely useful procedure that moisturizes the face and fills it with nutritional substances. Facial lines and skin hyperpigmentation go away and microrelief smoothes. As a result, you get a healthy and shiny skin after the first procedure. High-quality cosmetics with hyaluronic acid and nourishing substances provides the amazing effect that can last up to 6 months.

LED facial mask

LED facial mask is the most promising trend of this year and a breakthrough in cosmetology. Photodynamic therapy and light-emitting diode of various power and light solve a variety of skin problems, which are related to the period of adolescence or natural ageing process. This procedure has a great influence on the metabolic processes, activates the cellular repair and blood circulation. Light waves bring the useful components of cosmetics to the deep skin layers. Specialist will consult you and assign a required type of LED mask in Nisa Beauty salon.

Ultrasound cleansing

Ultrasound facial is an innovative cleansing method, which provides amazing effect and solves several problems at once: dark spots, oily shine, large pores, acne scars, skin irregularity. This method is less traumatizing, less painful and more useful. Due to the machine ultrasound your skin is being deeply cleansed of contamination and keratinized particles, collagen production is increased and the face color is being improved. Your skin starts to look healthy and shiny right after the first procedure in Nisa Beauty salon.

Facial massage

Facial massage in Nisa Beauty salon is done by high-quality machine. This procedure is extremely useful for skin. Mechanical face massage can change the face shape, make the skin resilient, restart the metabolic processes and blood blow to all areas. This method is a perfect alternative to injections and the effect gladdens even the most demanding ladies. Massages visibly improve the skin condition, significantly lift it and smooth the small wrinkles. In addition, you get the nice face color and lifted contour.

Carboxy therapy

Carboxy therapy gives the elixir of youth to more mature ladies. Procedure nourishes the skin with skin nutrients, oxygen and vitamins, activates the synthesis of collagen and elastane, which causes the wrinkling. Carbon dioxide injections are absolutely harmless and really useful for the stimulation of metabolic processes and natural collagen production. Give your skin the second wind, fill it with vital elements and oxygen and you’ll see incredible results.


Microdermabrasion has a rejuvenating, scrubbing and restorative effect. This procedure gets rid of dead skin cells and brings back the natural face color. Deep purifying is done with the help of diamond-tip with micro particles of various diameter. Dead cells are removed so the skin can shine again. Procedure has healthful and rejuvenating effect on the mature skin. Cozy and friendly vibe of Nisa Beauty salon provides the comfortable procedure by our cosmetologist.


Darsonval is a universal machine that deals with a wide range of problems not only of young skin, but also of mature skin. This procedure uses electrical impulses, which affect the skin and rejuvenate it. Darsonval can solve the problem of skin dryness, acne, dull face color, acne and swelling. You can get the professional service and solution of skin problems in Nisa Beauty salon.