Home Service

Home service is becoming more and more popular. Because every modern woman is trying to catch the fleetly passing pace of life in a big city and there’s not so much time for herself. Despite that mobile beauty salon on a call-out is relatively new type of service in salons in Baku, Nisa Beauty salon has been offering a home service for more than 4 years already. As many as four years we have been working on the creation of perfect conditions to provide high-quality services at home. We work for you, lovely ladies – pregnant girls, who find it difficult to move around the city trying to find the beauty salon and more difficult to sit in salons considering their flavors. We work at home to let the mommies be beautiful without spending time on the salon visits, so we let them dedicate this time to their kids and husband. For women that for certain reasons can’t visit our

beauty studio now have the unique possibility of self-care at home. Business-ladies and public figures, who don’t have time to visit the salons, can order our home service, which delivers beauty to the house, office, studio, restaurant or hotel.

It’s possible and necessary to be beautiful without coming out of the house! Advantages of home service tempt the ordinary women and attract them to the use of such type of services. Wanna know about the features of mobile service?

●  Firstly it’s a significant time saving. You don’t need to spend priceless minutes to go to salon and to go back, which is not always comfortable after some procedures. You can stay in your cozy home environment and run errands before the specialist comes to you and after the procedure you can go the important event right away.

●  Comfort is a very important aspect of beauty services for pregnant women and moms. Home service allows to be in their home, in a favorite chair, where everything is within reach and there’s no need to go anywhere. Mobile service of beauty will be very good for moms, who don’t have anybody to leave their kids with. While you child is sleeping or playing, you get high-quality service of our salon in your room.

●  Our specialists’ professionalism and competence are one of the main advantages of our salon. Polite and neat Philippines girls will provide high-quality service at your house. Our specialists don’t have a language barrier so you’ll easily get on with them.

●  Variety of procedures that we provide at home is the same as we do in salon. Our mobile beauty salon has all necessary equipment and high-quality materials, which our specialists use in Nisa Beauty salon.

●  Simplicity of use of home service – you just need to call our salon and order the service you’re interested in. Our specialists will come to you at a specified time and at a negotiated address. Payments are made after the procedure at your home.