Hands & Feet Treatments

Paraffin therapy for Hands & Feet

Paraffin therapy of hands/feet is a real rescue for dry skin in case of crevices and pain sense in hands and feet. This method of care is not only incredibly useful, but also fantastically pleasant. Due to thermal influence and special composition – paraffin slowly covers every pore, so you could relax and enjoy the premium procedure of anti-aging, nutrition, strengthening and recovery of the skin of hands and feet.

Spa Treatment for Hands & Feet

Hand/feet spa-treatment is a whole complex of procedures that improve the skin, moisture and nourishe it. First stage is a scrub that carefully exfoliates the keratinized skin and stimulates blood circulation, which adds freshness and glow to the skin. Second stage is a wrapping mask that moisturizes and nourishes the skin of hands and feet. This pleasant procedure ends with a cream massage of hands/feet that softens the skin after the spa-treatment.  

VIP Treatment for Hands & Feet

Our clients can get a full VIP complex of hands/feet treatment. This is amazing treatment with the premium Alessandro cosmetics. This procedure fully recovers the skin of hands/feet and makes it silky and delicate like the baby’s skin. Phase-by-phase use of scrubs, oils, masks, creams and other additional cosmetics changes the skin of hands/feet in one procedure. Feel yourself a VIP-person in Nisa Beauty salon.