Hair Treatments

Healthy and beautiful hair is the women’s main weapon. However, haircuts and dyeing aren’t enough for hair’s shine and healthy glow. Only professional care using the high-quality cosmetics guarantees long-term effect and hair health.


Professional luxury brand Kerastase doesn’t go unnoticed by any woman that takes care of herself. If you care for your hair’s health, then you should get yourself familiar with the unique complex of natural components and innovative developments of this company. Legendary French brand will provide your hair with amazing care and life force.


Professional care of Loreal Professional will give your hair the shine and glow. Complex therapy and phase-by-phase application allow to get the gorgeous result. Due to the production’s balanced formula and composition, you get healthy and strong hair with the natural glow and silk. After all care procedures with Loreal you will tell the difference between the home care and care in the Nisa Beauty salon right off the bat.


Natural components of care cosmetics play a crucial role in the process of reconstruction of hair structure. Which is why we offer our clients a safe care with natural cosmetics Macadamia, which doesn’t contain parabens and sulfates that take a heavy toll on the hair health. Macadamia oil and rare Argan oil will give strength and glow back to your hair. Exclusive care with Macadamia is waiting for you in Nisa Beauty salon.

Keratin care with Native Base

Special care is needed after the keratin straightening, which can prolong the perfect effect after this procedure. Dutch brand Native Base along with the specialists of Nisa Beauty salon will provide your hair with the safe care that allows to reconstruct and prolong the result of keratin straightening. One procedure is enough to make your hair perfectly smooth, straight and shiny again. Native Base – is a complex of natural components from Far East countries and innovative developments of European scientists-cosmetologists.

Olaplex care treatment

Products for ultramodern hair care and complex protection from chemical and thermal effect. Olaplex is the innovative development in the field of hair care, which allows to significantly influence on the hair health after the coloration. Unique composition and impeccable reputation of this cosmetics doesn’t leave room for any doubts about its effectiveness. Ocean of great reviews of women all over the world confirms once again that Olaplex provides excellent result.

Botox care

Botox procedure can reconstruct your hair and make it smoother. Main purpose of this procedure is to improve the hair health and make it less fuzzy and porous. You get smother and silkier hair with closed hair scales, which usually give extra volume. Hair Botox has a positive impact on the hair health and structure and protects your hair from the environmental hazards. This procedure allows to get rid of the yellow shade, which majority of blondes hate.  

Hair Keraplex

Popular procedure for hair reconstruction that allows to replenish the lost stock of natural keratin in your hair. Hair loses the natural keratin, which makes the hair look shiny, strong and healthy, due to the external factors and constant influence of hair dryers, flat irons, dyeing and perms. Keraplastic allows to fill the hair with keratin without the styler, which is used in keratin straightening. This method gives less lasting effect, but more useful care. Professional cosmetics Paul Mitchell takes care of the hair health and structure, so the procedure of keraplastic in Nisa Beauty salon will give your hair a maximum comfort.  

Hair lamination

Almost every woman is familiar with hair lamination, because its benefit cannot be underestimated. Lamination with professional cosmetics Paul Mitchell has strengthening and health-giving effect. Due to «the sealing» of every hair, negative influence of the environment (sun, wind and exhaust fumes) doesn’t disrupt the hair structure. Hair lamination has a protective effect from externally aggressive factors that helps hair to look healthy under any circumstances.

Hair masks

Your hair needs nutrition? Only complex care and professional cosmetics can strengthen your hair and make it livelier. Strangely enough, but masks are slightly underestimated in the home care armory. Masks are extremely necessary to nourish and moisture the hair. It’s your choice whether to make a mask at home or to come to Nisa Beauty studio for the professional care with high-quality cosmetics. We’ll be glad to see you in our salon and we’ll gladly provide you with our home services.

Care ampoules

Treatment is sometimes necessary for deeper care and reconstruction. Nisa Beauty salon offers you the solution of hair loss problem and other problems with the help of care ampoules. Procedure of intensive impact positively influences on the scalp health and makes it possible to solve certain hair problems. Healthier and stronger hair is a reality. In order to achieve the maximum result, our specialists apply the composition from ampoules on the certain head areas and create favorable environment for better composition accessibility. The result is healthier and more beautiful hair, which you will see after only a few procedures.

Keratin straightening

Extremely popular procedure among the women with unruly hair. This procedure will clear you of daily hair straightening hence of daily thermal impact on your hair. Specialists of Nisa Beauty salon use high-quality premium cosmetics, during this procedure they use Brasil cosmetics that doesn’t contain formaldehyde and parabens. Keratin straightening allows to make your hair perfectly smooth, to close all the scales and to add gorgeous shine to your hair. Effect lasts 4-5 months. Nisa Beauty salon provides the complex of all care services that modern woman can need.