Haircut & Hairstyle

We all know that sometimes it’s quite hard to find your hairstylist, especially in the big city. You’ll meet amazing specialists in our Nisa Beauty salon – true professionals with a capital P. They will have no difficulty in finding the right haircut for you or in styling your hair for any event. Stylish haircut and beautiful hair set will make you look gorgeous in any time of the year. Trust yourself to the specialists of Nisa Beauty salon and they will do you a makeover, bring in the missing thing and impress you with the new ideas. If you are a fan of permanence and you don’t like the radical changes – we’ll gladly keep up with your preferences in order to preserve your individual style.

Decided to get a haircut?

We’ll provide you with the opportunity to look afresh at yourself and to create a new image. Classic haircut or haircut with hot scissors – the decision is yours. Haircut with hot scissors requires a little more time, however you will forget about the split ends for a long time due to the high temperature of the scissors. Get this procedure every 2-3 months to sustain the result.

Where to set your hair?

Modern woman’s every morning starts with a hair set. However, sometimes it’s hard to get the desired effect due to the lack of time or professional skills. Stylists of Nisa Beauty salon will turn your unruly locks into the beautiful hair set with the sleight-of-hand moves. They also can give your straight hair more volume. This effect will gladden you during the whole day and the time, which is spent on this, won’t make you change your daily routine.

Evening & Wedding hairstyle

Skilled hands of stylists of Nisa Beauty salon will create fantastic voluminous locks, Hollywood waves or small curls for you. Experienced specialists’ various hairstyles and tricks will help to create the perfect image. Stylist will carefully listen to all of your desires and make your ideas real. We offer making a trial hairstyle for our dear brides to avoid sudden surprises on the most important day. Our specialists provide the home services, which will let you stay home and not to rush to get anywhere. Create your perfect evening or wedding image with Nisa Beauty.

For the curls’ lovers

Permanent wave in Nisa Beauty salon will help to create stylish and vivid image. Pretty small curls or beautiful waves – the choice is yours. You will get the finished hairstyle that lasts for a very long time after the perm procedure. You won’t need to spend time on doing the hair set and perm because you’ll wake up every morning with the finished hairstyle. This procedure’s effect will last 1-6 months depending on the perm method.

Wanna make gorgeous hair extensions?

Hair extensions let you change your appearance into something new in a heartbeat. If you don’t have time for growing your hair or you can’t get the needed thickness and volume – then this procedure is exactly for you. High-quality and professional materials for hair extension allow to get the natural effect without harming your real hair. Qualified specialist of hair extension will consider every woman’s individual characteristics for the result to gladden you. We’ll be glad to see you in Nisa Beauty salon in the center of Baku. Call us to order the home service.