Hair coloring

All women are completely different, nevertheless, we all have one thing in common – desire to be beautiful. Someone sees beauty as the constant changes, experiments with the appearance and the image change. Other people see beauty as a stability and maintenance of the individual style, which they stick to year after year.

Specialists in Nisa Beauty salon will hear you out and create the amazing hair color for you, which will 100% suit you. Hair coloration is only done with professional cosmetics line, which is made especially for salons: Macadamia, Keune, Loreal, Framesi. Unique compositions and high quality of used materials allow to get amazing result.

Classic coloring/ombre/balayage

If use choose the classic coloration, the specialist will thoroughly select the right color and safely dye your hair along the entire length to avoid the gaps. Your hair will shine in a new way, become shinier and silky and the new color will gladden you for a long time.

Original hair coloration will create the incredible play of colors and even add volume to your hairstyle. Such special techniques as balayage and ombre will highlight your identity and renew your image. Balayage technique makes it possible to emphasize separate strands with more contrasting color, which significantly refreshes hair and adds volume. Ombre is the amazing choice for girls, who don’t want to dye all the hair or are aimed at getting their natural color back.

It’s time to get your roots done

Root dyeing allows to renew the deep roots without another full coloration. Hair grows quite quickly and women sometimes can’t dye their hair every 2-3 weeks. So this procedure is aimed at the solution of deep root problem. We also offer the procedure of root darkening for your hair to look maximally naturally and stylish. Professional cosmetics provides safe hair care and glimmering luster and silk.

Wanna lighten your hair?

When the summer comes, we lean towards everything sunny and light, so the hair lightening is more popular during this period. Our hairstylists use high-quality lightening materials and special technique, which creates the effect of burnt hair to get the natural effect. Give your hair a gentle kiss of the sun.

Safe coloration by Olaplex

Professional total care Olaplex protects your hair from harmful thermal and chemical effect. Hair becomes stronger and far more resistant that gives the opportunity to preserve the fragile hair structure during the dyeing. Professional care Olaplex will make your hair shine and be strong despite the frequent colorations.

Kind and cozy vibe and the qualified hairstylists, who are ready to suggest you a suitable type of coloration that will create the perfect image, are waiting for your in Nisa Beauty salon.