Hair Removal


Threading is the undesirable hair removal with threads. This method is the least traumatizing for skin, because it doesn’t need other stuff, such as wax or sugaring paste. Our specialist quickly and almost painlessly removes even the thinnest hair from every body part. Thread catches the hair and keratinized skin, which provides the peeling effect. You get the smooth and silky skin at short notice and without pain.


Waxing is one of the most effective methods of undesirable hair removal. Advantage of this depilation type is the long-term effect. Hot wax clasps the hair and removes it with the hair bulb. Waxing is amazing for all body areas and it frees you of the hair for a really long time. Professional specialists of Nisa Beauty salon use the high-quality cosmetics and materials for this procedure, which is a key to success of the smooth and beautiful skin.