Eyelashes & Eyebrows

Your eyelashes and eyebrows require too much attention? Let the specialists of Nisa Beauty salon take care of their beauty. We offer the trendy services of eyelash extension/removal and correction with the professional materials. Eyelash lamination strengthens the frail eyelashes and protects them from the harmful effect of environment and cosmetics. Microblading makes your brows more expressive and bushy, which is such a trend right now. Visit us and feel the friendly vibe in our cozy space of beauty.

Eyelash extension

Eyelash extension is the most popular procedure among women. You’re wondering what are its advantages? This service solves a wide range of problems. Firstly, eyelash extension makes your look more expressive and attractive. Secondly, women, who have small eyelashes, get the amazing opportunity to have long hoped-for thick and lush eyelashes. Thirdly, you don’t have to put the mascara on every morning and to wash it off every evening anymore. Popular eyelash extension implies their further correction and removal. Our specialists provide all these services in Nisa Beauty salon.

Eyelash lamination

There is the eyelash lamination in Nisa Beauty salon, it strengthens eyelashes and makes them look healthy and beautiful. Final stage of lamination protects eyelashes from the influence of environment, which is beneficial to their growth. This procedure is done using high-quality compositions by famous brands and that guarantees the perfect result and health of your eyelashes.


Microblading is a real breakthrough in the sphere of eyebrow beauty. Not every woman can grow gorgeous thick eyebrows, however, everyone wants to follow the trends. Microblading allows to make a perfect eyebrow shape regardless of their original thickness. Professional specialist will create the shape and will make your eyebrows beautiful and stylish. Professional equipment and materials also help to get a natural effect for a long time.