Welcome to NiSa Beauty Salon!

Philosophy of the beauty studio Nisa Beauty is aimed at providing every woman with opportunity to feel herself a goddess. Cozy and kind vibe provides the full relaxation and harmony in the center of a big city. When visiting our studio, you will plunge into completely another world – world of beauty and bliss.

Our specialists are a solid team of talented professionals, who aren’t twiddling their thumbs, they are always in progress, they attend additional courses, workshops and exhibitions. Newfound knowledge allows our specialists to keep up with the fashion and to provide the most innovative services.

Wanna get your hands and feet done? Nail artists offer a full range of care services of skin of hands and feet. Various types of manicure/pedicure starting with classic one and ending with Brazilian manicure will help to gently and thoroughly remove everything unwanted and to prepare your nails for the coating. Your hands and feet are worthy of flawless care, which we’ll gladly provide you with.

Got tired of sedentary work and inactive lifestyle? Only one massage session is enough for you to feel yourself rested, sappy and energetic again. Wide range of massage techniques makes it possible to find the individual solution of one problem or the other.  

Important event is to occur? Don’t waste time on setting your hair and putting make-up on by yourself. Professional stylists and make-up artists have a wealth of knowledge to create your perfect image.

Nisa Beauty studio will provide you with a full range of cosmetology services, make-up artist’s  and stylist’s services, body treatments and various types of depilation.

Big city is a big test of being beautiful.

There’s no time for anything in the daily clutter and rapid pace of life. Half of planned business is often remained unresolved at the end of the modern woman’s day. Work and family routine take time away and mercilessly deprive the opportunity to daily take care of yourself. Lack of time is reflected in the health and appearance and it also causes insecurity.

Which is why our salon provides home services for busy girls, moms, pregnant women and girls, who can’t come out of the house for certain reasons, which automatically dispenses them with the necessity to go to our salon. You only need to call our studio and to make an appointment – our team of professional specialists will come to your house with all necessary materials. Four-year professional experience with clients at home allowed to create conditions, which are maximally compatible with the atmosphere in the salon.

Come to our studio or order the home service.

With love, Nisa Beauty.